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Access to the Teachings

Open Gate Sangha is dedicated to providing access to the teachings of Adyashanti and Mukti through publications, online media, and live events. With free offerings, reduced pricing, financial assistance, and more we are constantly working to make the teachings readily available to all who are sincerely called to awakened living. This page includes information about no-cost and low-cost ways to engage with the teachings. To receive email updates with the latest teachings and free downloads Log In at

The Way of Liberation

The Way of LiberationThe foundational book of Adyashanti's teachings, The Way of Liberation, is available as a free download (PDF). Find the download here.

The Teachings Pages

Writings, Audio Clips, and Video Excerpts

Bird in a treeAdyashanti’s Teachings page and Mukti’s Teachings page offer a large selection of free audio clips, video excerpts, and writings. Each month, Open Gate Sangha selects exceptional audio and video clips to add to these pages. New articles and writings are added when they become available.

Adyashanti’s Cafe Dharma

The Basic Teachings

AdyashantiWhether you are new to Adyashanti’s teachings or have been around them for years, we encourage you to view the free Basic Teachings videos. In these 30- and 40- minute videos produced by Open Gate Sangha, Adyashanti outlines the essential principles that form a foundation of understanding of his teaching.

Free Downloads

Cafe DharmaIn addition to offering Adyashanti’s and Mukti’s latest recordings from live events, Adyashanti’s Cafe Dharma features a new free full-length satsang download every month in the lower right area of the Audio Page. You can always find a selection of 5 or 6 free downloads in the Audio Library which includes a complete listing of audio recordings available to purchase for immediate download.

Free Online Satsang with Call-in

PlanetOpen Gate Sangha produces Radio Adyashanti, a free live online satsang that includes the opportunity for you to call in and speak with Adyashanti directly. Anyone with an internet connection can join in this global gathering that broadcasts once or twice per month, with occasional broadcasts featuring Mukti as the guest teacher. Those who desire the more intimate and engaging experience of these broadcasts can pay for access to the optional live video stream.

Online Bookstore

Reduced Pricing in the Bookstore

Seeds of  EnlightenmentOpen Gate Sangha publishes Adyashanti’s and Mukti’s teachings in CD albums, DVDs, and books, and makes them available in the Bookstore at Here you will find many CDs and DVDs not sold elsewhere online as well reduced pricing on Adyashanti’s books and a selection of specially-priced items listed the right-hand column.

Events and Gatherings

Financial Assistance

BuddhaOpen Gate Sangha manages Adyashanti’s and Mukti’s teachings calendars and hosts most of their live teaching events. For those who cannot afford the full cost of attending an event in person, Open Gate Sangha offers flexible donations at San Francisco Bay Area satsangs as well as financial assistance for weekend intensives, silent retreat days, and extended silent retreats hosted by Open Gate Sangha.


GatheringsOpen Gate Sangha supports Gatherings around the world where people meet to share CDs and DVDs with others in their area who are called to Adyashanti’s and Mukti’s teachings. To find a Gathering in your area, or to start one of your own, go to and visit the Open Gate Sangha/Gatherings page.


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