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Please know that I read every letter, card, and email that is sent to me. Due to my teaching schedule and working on various writing projects, I very rarely respond to written inquiries. If you have a pressing question or issue that requires personal attention, you may want to contact one of those that I have asked to share the dharma. They can be found on the Sangha/Resources page of this website.
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This letter was written to Adyashanti during a silent retreat in April 2006. We reprint it here with permission.

Dear Adya,

I think I saw how I had gotten it all wrong. I always thought that waking up meant coming out of a dream and seeing things more truly. But today I really took in what you said: “We don’t exist. This is all a dream.” And I dwelled on the question, “So, then, what is real?”

I saw that the sense I have of being real is the felt sense of awareness that is me, here. The only thing that exists, that lives, is awareness. We are, as you’ve said before, swimming in awareness. It’s everywhere. You can’t get away from it.

But then, during meditation I saw that waking up isn’t waking up from a dream into reality. That would be like seeing another world. I saw that waking up (I think this is true) is waking up to seeing that this is a dream—that we and all others are dream characters in this dream—that Awareness is playing being “me” and all of us.

There is no other Reality to see or go to, as if there is a “Real World” somewhere else. The only “behind the scenes” reality is the Nothing—what you always say.

I started to laugh when I saw this. My whole body started shaking, too. That was okay. Just energy shifting, I think. What a relief. No other place to get to “to be.” Just here. Just being this. This is it—as you said.

I took a few steps and thought, “What would it be like to know that we were in a dream?” We’d all be winking at each other—knowing we are Nothing-Awareness dreaming all this.

I hope I’m not overdoing this, or distorting it. It’s hard not to do that when it gets into words. That seems like part of the dream, too. Even “waking up” seems like a story in the dream.

With love and deep gratitude,

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