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Book Translations

Some of Adyashanti’s books have been translated into foreign languages and more translations are on the way. Look to booksellers in the corresponding countries for these foreign-language titles:

Emptiness Dancing (La Danza del Vacío), published by AlfaOmega
True Meditation, published by AlfaOmega

Emptiness Dancing (La Danza del vuoto: Piena realizzazione del Sé), published by Tecniche Nuove
True Meditation (La Vera Meditazione), published by Tecniche Nuove
The End of Your World (La vita dopo ilrisveglio), published by Tecniche Nuove

The End of Your World (Het einde van je wereld), published by Samsara Publishing
True Meditation (Ware meditatie), published by Samsara Publishing
Emptiness Dancing (Dansende leegte), published by Samsara Publishing
Falling into Grace (August 2011), published by Samsara Publishing

The End of Your World, published by Ariane
Emptiness Dancing, published by Ariane
True Meditation, published by Ariane

Emptiness Dancing, published by Random House

Falling into Grace (Ind i væren: Overgiv dig til din sande natur), published by Det Blå Hus
True Meditation, published by Borgen

Emptiness Dancing, published by Sweetwater Publishing

The End of Your World, published by Inner World Publishing Co.
Emptiness Dancing, Published by Inner World Publishing Co.

Reduced Pricing in the Bookstore

The bookstore at has lowered its prices on the following books and CD albums by Adyashanti:

The End of Your World, bookTrue MeditationEmptiness DancingMy Secret Is  SilenceThe Impact of Awakening

True Meditation, CD AlbumThe End of Your World, CD Album


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